About us

About us

At Applika, our motto is simple, “We want you to do your business efficiently”. We are a Canberra based technology company and our main focus is creating innovative solutions to improve our clients’ resource productivity levels. Our services are versatile and flexible which can easily be adopted specific needs of different organisations.

We are experienced to work with large corporate clients where we carry extensive knowledge and expertise in government domain. As a result, our team has fully developed competencies to operate and deliver solutions within enterprises with complex structures and regulations.

Our history

Applika is a new company whilst we have been operating in IT industry for the last 20 years and serving for various corporate and government clients. Throughout this period we had a strong focus on enterprise systems and delivered solutions for large multi-national corporate clients and Federal Government Agencies. During this time, we had opportunity to work on some large scale web-based enterprise solutions that allowed us to build our competencies in this very field which is also one of the cornerstone technologies that Applika is built upon. Given the exposure to these large-scale projects, we have extended our capacity in the area of system integration as we had to interface with legacy business systems and enabled them for access by a larger user basis.

Our expertise

Enterprise Computing
System Integration
Performance Optimisation
Mobile Applications

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